Here are some frequently asked questions. Check out the answers below:

1) What’s the mission of Porter’s Call?

Our mission is to provide counsel, encouragement and support to recording artists and their families.

2) Is Porter’s Call a counseling center?

Many issues can be dealt with by someone coming alongside, offering wise counsel and support. That’s what we do at Porter’s Call.  While our staff does have counseling degrees, we neither operate a private practice, nor do we charge for our services.

If you are dealing with issues that need weekly, long term counseling, we will refer you, making sure you land in a good place.  And we’ll assist you with the cost of that referral.

3) Who is eligible for the services of Porter’s Call?
IF you are a touring artist (or their significant other)  signed to a record label
IF you are and independent artist (or their significant other)
your primary focus is touring your own music
THEN, you are eligible.
4) I play in an artist’s band and also do session work? Does that count?
If you are signed member or a partner in the band (or their significant other), yes, you are eligible.  If you are an artist or a musician for hire, unfortunately you are not eligible.
We’d love to see everyone who calls and we are bummed that we are not able to.  There are many gifted people in the music industry who do not fall into our eligibility requirements – session musicians, band members, songwriters, producers and more.
And while we know that you share many (if not all) of the struggles of the artists we see, we have been asked by our board to stay true to our original mission.
As much as we’d love to, we simply don’t have the capacity to see all the musicians we’d like to see.
However, we know you play an important role and we don’t want to leave you hanging.  There is some good news!  We have a large list of referrals that we can offer you, and there is a good chance that one of several organizations in town can assist with the cost of the counseling.  If you need some help with referrals, feel free to call us and we’ll be glad to help you.  Check out “Resources” in our menu bar.
5) How much do your services cost?

We provide our services at no cost. Actually, we charge $5 and give that money away to artists with a specific financial need and a charitable work (a different project each year).  In 2017 we have chosen a wonderful organization, Music Heals International. MHI brings music and musicians to the children of Haiti and other parts of the world.  For more information go to www.mhinternational.org .

6) If your services are free, how do you make any money?

Good question.  We have a board of directors and an advisory board who help to raise funds primarily from those who benefit from healthy artists – record companies, managers, agents, fans, etc.  Some artists, after they come to Porter’s Call, have decided to give back so that others can come.

7) Is this confidential?

If you want to tell someone about Porter’s Call and your visits here, you are free to do so.  As for us, we don’t talk about who comes here or what they talk about. Your visit here is entirely confidential.

8) Really?